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Since liberalizing its economy in 1989, Poland has doubled its gross domestic product. With a population of 38 million, the country would not have developed this quickly without its entrepreneurs, who readily adopted a capitalist ethos.

From agriculture to cosmetics, Poland is home to a diverse range of family-owned businesses that have made their mark in Europe and around the world. One such company, family-owned poultry producer SuperDrob, is focused on balancing its domestic and international businesses.


“We’re frequently in China for exhibitions, as it is a very important market for us,” says President César Lipka. “Hong Kong is also another important market. We’re looking to enter other markets in Asia and in other regions.

“We have great infrastructure in Poland. We have new factories and good technology. People don’t realize it, but we’re moving more and more toward high tech here,“ Lipka adds.

Cesar Lipka - CEO SuperDrob

César Lipka – CEO SuperDrob


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