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About us

SuperDrob S.A. is one of the leading poultry producers in Poland, present on the market for 27 years. The Company’s product range includes both fresh and ready-to-roast meat, as well as cold cut, ready-to-eat, roasted and breaded products.

Our products

We are specialists in the best-quality poultry.
We supply carefully refined meat products, which fall into four categories.

Fresh poultry

We are experts in the production of raw poultry meat, which has been the basis of our business since the very beginning. We are able to meet the expectations of even the most-demanding customers.

Our products

Convenience foods

We have many years’ experience in the breaded-products industry. It allows us to prepare a wide range of products, both frozen and chilled. The ready-to-eat food is tasty and convenient to prepare.

Our products


We follow the changing lifestyles and respond to the challenges of the modern world. That is why we supply delicious products with a unique spice mixture, which you only need to put in the oven to enjoy the taste of a home-made meal.

Our products
29 years on the market
28 countries of distribution
2000 employees
6 manufacturing plants
100 made in Poland
1600 pallets of products shipped per day

Our brands

Jesteśmy producentem wielu marek największych sieci handlowych zarówno w Polsce jak i całej Europie.
W naszym rodzinnym portfolio poza marką SuperDrob znajdują się jeszcze marki:

Idyllic Chicken reared without antibiotics, fed with vegetable feed without GMO’s, 100% from Polish farms. The Idyllic Chicken grows slower than regular chicken, which gives it an exquisite taste.

Our products

It is a brand which stands out with its expressive form of communication and unique image, attracting a wide audience, and creating the need to identify with this designer combination of art and taste.

Our products


As a modern, forward-looking food company, we take steps to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. We also strive to increase the good in our immediate surroundings by conducting numerous charitable activities.

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