Product categories

We are specialists in the best-quality poultry.
We supply carefully refined meat products, which fall into four categories.

Fresh poultry

We are experts in the production of fresh poultry meat, which has been the basis of our business since the very beginning. We are able to meet the expectations of even the most-demanding customers.

Our products

Convenience foods

We have many years’ experience in the breaded-products industry. It allows us to prepare a wide range of products, both frozen and chilled. Our ready-to-eat food is tasty and convenient to prepare.

Our products


We follow the changing lifestyles and respond to the challenges of the modern world. That is why we supply delicious products with a unique spice mixture, which you only need to put in the oven to enjoy the taste of a home-made meal.

Our products

High quality

We supervise the entire production chain. Meeting the highest quality standards is our priority at every stage – from producing chicken feed to delivering the finished product to our contractors


Out of concern for food safety and the highest quality of the production process, we are guided by the requirements of HACCP, which is a system which allows us to predict and eliminate hazards during food production.


100% safety in our products is confirmed by the international certificate of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.


The quality of our products is confirmed by the international food safety certificate IFS – the International Food Standard.


The SGS certificate confirms all the qualities of Premium Chicken reared without antibiotics, from parent farms, hatcheries, and poultry farms to the finished product.


A certificate which confirms compliance with the requirements of the Programme for the certification of food and feed as free from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).


We belong to the international auditing programme Genesis Standards. It guarantees quality and safety in poultry farming and processing.