To oven

Surprising chicken SuperFillet with broccoli, buckwheat and peas

Do you feel routine on a kitchen table? Surprising chicken SuperFillet will put a stop to this once and for all! Succulent breast filled in with buckwheat, broccoli and peas is a delicious and at the same time nutritious proposal for a meal. Bake it and take a great delight of the idea for a dinner. Baked, frozen product. Free from preservatives.

  1. Quality
      • 100% of the best Polish chicken
      • preservatives-free
      • colouring and flavouring agents-free
      • sodium glutamate-free
      • trans fat-free
      • in a mould to oven
      • succulent in 50 minutes
      • 100% safe – thanks to continuity of freezing (shock freezing)
      • perfect 3-in-1 dish
      • kids love it!