To oven


Would you like to try unconventional and delicious snack? Take a bite of mouthwatering poultry Popsters in crunchy wheat and corn coating. Prepare them as you like best: in the oven, on the pan or in the deep fryer. Popsters were 100% made from the best Polish chicken. They are free from colouring and flavouring agents, therefore can serve as a perfect snack for children.

  1. Quality
      • 100% of the best Polish chicken
      • preservatives-free
      • colouring and flavouring agents-free
      • best from the oven
      • also for frying on the pan and in the deep fryer
      • 100% safe – thanks to continuity of freezing (shock freezing)
      • crispy in 15-25 minutes
      • kids love it!