To oven

Mild chicken SuperSteak with cheese and ham filling

If you are a fan of combination of a delicate poultry meat and molten, thready cheese, you should try mild chicken SuperSteak! This great fillet has been filled in with aromatic cheddar cheese and ham, and everything has been coated with frizzled and crispy coating. Perfect choice for picky gourmets! Fried, frozen product. Free from preservatives.

  1. Quality
      • 100% of the best Polish chicken
      • sodium glutamate-free
      • preservatives-free
      • colouring agents-free
      • trans fat-free
      • 100% made of chicken fillet
      • contains Cheddar cheese
      • tender coating
      • only 20-25 minutes in the oven
      • 100% safe – thanks to continuity of freezing (shock freezing)