SuperDrob plants in Poland introduced security measures



In connection with the risk of COVID-19 coronavirus, SuperDrob S.A. plants in Poland introduced security measures for employees and people from outside the plant.

  1. The plants remains in constant contact with the Ministry of Health in accordance with the issued recommendations.
  2. Prohibition of employees’ movement between the plants of SuperDrob S.A. and employee delegations / trips.
  3. We separated the production and office areas. Production zone: only employees of this zone enter. The other people must obtain permission from the plant director. Office zone: only office workers move in this zone. Production workers do not enter the office building.
  1. Additional dispensers with disinfectant liquid were installed at each entrance to the plant.
  2. Employees are required to disinfect their hands after entering the buildings.
  3. Increased supervision of employees consisting in checking the general state of health, visual assessment of the employee, e.g. cough, runny nose. People with cold symptoms are removed from work and referred to units designated by the Ministry of Health.
  4. All visits, audits, etc. of bystanders are suspended, which involves postponing the planned dates of audits (until further notice).


In the event of an escalating threat, the special internal team set up at the plant will take further action.


Ryszard Waśniewski
Member of the Management Board (COO)


More information: please call to Commercial Department.

tel.: 00 48 22 77 90 620
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