The first International Super-Festival took place on Sunday, 23rd of October. This event aims to integrate employees of different cultures who live and work in Karczew. Ukraine won the Football Cup beating Poland 4:3. Football Tournament and refreshments gathered more than 250 people in the hall of MOSiR (City Sports and Leisure Centre) in Karczew.



Super-Festival was attended by the employees of SuperDrob, Karczew community, the municipal authorities with the mayor, Dariusz Łokietek, parish-priest of the St. Wit parish and befriended social organizations.


The festival began with the SuperDrob Cup Tournament and consisted of four teams: from Nepal, Moldavia, Ukraine and Poland. Additionally, there was also one match played with junior local team, Mazur Karczew.

After the tournament the award was handed over to the winning team from Ukraine and then all guests were invited to the food court, where refreshments were being served. Tasting delicacies was also an opportunity to talk about different cultures and customs. The guests had a chance to see the shows, which referred to different regional cultures and traditions.


Cooperation with foreigners, who came to Karczew and its surrounding towns  breaks the stereotype of immigrants in Poland. Employees are disciplined and find their feet pretty well in the community. Karczew is an example of the fact, that wise and long-term integration of the immigrant population is possible and profitable for both sides. The festival is an opportunity to learn more about different cultures and allow our new residents to present their traditions and cultural heritage.