Export map – a conference of Rzeczpospolita, BGŻ BNP Paribas and SuperDrob S.A.


SuperDrob S.A. exports over 45% of its products and has vast experience in many demanding markets. At the same time, we are constantly analysing the situation among retail chains, customers and global trends in the meat processing and food sector.

The export of Polish meat, especially poultry to which Poland has been an export leader for several years, results from several factors: the domestic market, within the European Union and globally. Conditions in Poland are described, among others which were last report by NATIONAL POULTRY COUNCIL (KRD) and BGŻ PNB Paribas.

We often hear positive claims about Polish food – that around the world this is our showcase; that we produce high quality and delicious products; that we reach the most remote corners of the world with our products. This is true, but it’s worth and time to start asking new questions:
– How are the preferences of food consumption changing?
– What challenges does a modern food producer face?
– How to create a good model of economic diplomacy, representing the interests of the food industry in other markets?
– How to improve innovation and adapt to market expectations?
– Why do domestic producers have to bear increasing costs to defend their image – their own honesty and compliance with procedures and quality standards (meat / Agro, foods)?

The export map consists of many elements. Part of this panorama will be discussed by SuperDrob S.A.  expert – Jan Wolff, Commercial Director for Exports during the panel of the 6th annual Polish Food Export Forum (June 20, 2018).

Welcome to the panel:

The current export map for the food industry – trends and direction of changes. How to effectively create the brand of “Polish food” within international markets?


The next panel concerns AGROFUTURE – a dynamically developing area of ​​agriculture, technology and business.