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    CSR of SuperDrob


  2. History is full of success



    Our history has started 22 years ago when Henryk Lipka, who lived in Switzerland, was thinking how to support economic changes in Poland. He remembered the taste of baked, juicy chicken prepared by his grandmother. Secret of that taste lied in the best quality Polish meat and spice mixture prepared and protected by the grandmother. Probably, this was an inspiration to Henryk Lipka to buy out Warszawskie Zakłady Drobiarskie and create the brand of SuperDrob. From the beginning, this name indicated development direction and our ambitions – we always wanted to be the best. Simply super! It is worth mentioning that the grandmother shared her secret mixture with the President, Henryk. Till today, he still personally controls preparation of recipes for new products.


    Thanks to our hard work and reliability, after 7 years of activity, we managed to build trust of our clients and contractors allowing us to spread our wings and purchase a production plant in Łódź.


    We like challenges and ambitious goals, therefore we decided to enter the huge and demanding Chinese market. We have met the high standards for production and quality and, as a one of several Polish companies, SuperDrob has received accreditation of the Chinese authorities to export its products to their market. It was our next success, super success.


    Last years of our activity were the most dynamic for our development. It was the result of many years of work and consistent strategy for achieving goals. However, we cannot rest on laurels. We decided to choose new directions and set next ambitious goals that resulted in establishing the Capital Group, strengthening our position on the market.


    Our hunger for success is still growing. New goals need new investments. Therefore, we opened the Convenience Food production plant in Łódź which allowed us to increase production and employment.


    We want to be closer to you, so we have started to create network of brand stores to make SuperDrob products even more available.


    Some other companies have joined the Capital Group. We are changing for you – not only by building new factories to double our production capacities, but most of all by introducing a wide range of new, innovative, tasty and healthy prepared dishes from chicken. Our new logo, Super Kurka, is a symbol of those changes. Super Kurka looks the right way, that is to the future full of challenges and chances for new success.


    SuperDrob S.A. is a member of the CPF Group of Companies. Our partner – Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc. („CPF”) is one of the leading producers, processors and exporters of meat in South-East Asia and one of the world’s leading manufacturer of animal feed. CP Foods has investments and operations in 15 countries and sells its products in over 30 countries worldwide.


    The company’s development also means new investments. In 2018, we took over the poultry cutting plant in Lublin.



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    tel.: +48 603 120 000